Visual Jockey

Make your dreams a reality.

From product launches, corporate functions and special events, through to music festivals and weddings, Micology will not only meet your expectations, it will set a new visual standard for your business or party.

Years of professional experience, technical expertise and creative talent, ensures that your objectives, whether they be to create the appropriate mood or ensure adequate product branding, are achieved.

Micology Media is committed to providing flexible, creative and dynamic visual solutions with a high degree of expertise and professionalism.

Micology Media provides you the edge in visual aspects of events and production

Services Offered

1 Visual video/film presentation conceptualization, design, production and execution

for a variety of events including:

o Product and Service Launches

o Creative Events

o Themed Events

o Sales Conferences

o Annual General Meetings

o Media Launches

o Fashion Shows

o Music Festivals – Indoor and Outdoor

o Dance Parties

o Charity Balls

o Christmas Parties

o Weddings

o Bar mitzvahs

For any of the above events Micology Media will produce a 4-6 hour visual show surrounding your special event from start to end, using visual material that accompanies the music you have selected to play at the event, coloring the event with music, specific visuals or custom made ones to fit the needs of the event.

The visual material that Micology Media can create is limitless; we can incorporate visuals that are provided by you such as company logos, corporate advertising material, family photos and videos, live camera feeds, styled animations or specifically designed visuals to create a visual mix of truly memorable proportions to fit the event.

In addition, Micology offers the following:

• Live Camera Manipulation, which can capture the live environment, DJs, dancers and people at the event.

• A souvenir DVD of the entire event which includes pre-produced visual mixes and live recorded footage.