A Journey to Las Vegas from cowgirls to showgirls, Mambo, Magic, song and dance with spectacular costumes and innovative choreography make this a must see show.

Featuring some of the greatest popular songs and dances of all time:

Mambo Opening 2.00 mins

A tropical high energy opening.

Going Bananas: 2.30 mins

Fun, colour and glamour as Carmen Miranda and the girls sing up a storm.

Cowgirl opening : 2.00 mins

The fastest, meanest, toe tapping barn dance this side of the west.

Boots: 4.00 mins

Our very own Jessica Simpson and dancers with "These Boots are made for walking".

Magic: 4.00 mins

Mystery, Magic and more in this sensational masquerade ball.

Fever: 3.00 mins

Turn up the heat and sizzle with the Fever song.

Showgirls: 3.30 mins

A bevy of beautiful showgirls in a dazzling finale.