Latin music..! It's a global phenomenon..! From the streets of Cuba to China to London... it's everywhere..! It is a style of music that is capturing the world and there is one act in Melbourne, Australia that is indeed capturing everyone and they are Vatos Locos (meaning Crazy Young Guys).

High energy and fun entertainment for all your upcoming special events!

Be prepared to savour the pulsating percussion, vibrant, explosive and passionate rhythms of Vatos Locos. Combining superb harmonies and a unique blend of both old and new Latin rhythms, including salsa, dance, samba, funk, rumba, afro-Cuban, and even bossa nova this sensational band creates an infectious sound, driving everyone to the dance floor. They perform the latest in Latin Dance - hits from Ricky Martin and Santana to traditional Latin standards, laidback jazz and funk. With a concrete foundation set in Melbourne’s live scene, Vatos Locos will inevitably rise to their goals of commercial success. They have already recorded a number of original tracks, with their first track Morena taking flight on the Mothership Module 2 CD released by Midnight & Lunartick records. And there will be more to come! Talented and fun - a top band!