Vardos are a stunning trio, serenading and interacting with their audiences with Transylvanian dance tunes, popular Hungarian cafe concert music and the latest horas from Bucharest and Romania.

Driven by Alana's wild violin, supported by accordion and double bass, Vardos play gypsy and traditional music learnt during trips to Hungary and Romania. Since 1995 members of the group have made trips to Eastern Europe to study the traditional music with folk and gypsy musicians, from Hungarian folk music schools to remote Transylvanian villages.

With stagecraft that is equal parts formation dancing, martial arts and Keystone Cops, the violin-accordion-double bass trio play with formidable panache... Vardos don't hold back. They give the tumbling, compound-time dances and slow airs - so sad they can't bring themselves to sing the words - both barrels and not a few of Hunt's bow hairs. Energetic, fun and always entertaining, Vardos generate tremendous enthusiasm wherever they play.