The Ukulele Lady, Shirley Billing (Circus OZ band) has been wowing crowds with her no-stocking-holes-barred brand of humour for nearly a decade! With more brash than Brash’s, and a monster repertoire of songs and styles, nothing is safe from her hilarious spin!! The Ukulele Lady’s trademark brand of comedy runs the gammit of popular and un-popular music - from classics to disco and rock to roll. Claiming to be the love child of Elvis Presley she is wickedly funny and genuinely talented.

The ukulele lady is a chatty and cheeky emcee who makes everyone feel welcome and keeps them on their toes. Toe-tapping good fun!

Shirley Billing – larger than life musical comedienne, hostess and emcee has worked for many years in Australia and overseas, notably as a performer/composer with internationally acclaimed Circus Oz. Shirley has performed at Melbourne International Festival of Arts, and every show and Festival Melbourne has to offer…. food and wine, music, art, chocolate, cycling, sport, senior citizens and even dog shows!

Available to work

• On the streets

• In-theatre

• At conferences and conventions – content tailoring available

• At festivals – roaming and onstage

• At private events

‘A bit of Vegas, a pinch of Hawaii, and a punch of Tamworth. This gal could charm the wig off Tony Mokbel.’

‘Hilarious and talented.’ Sheridan Green, Creative Producer Gasworks Arts Park