Tubby The Robot is charming and interactive: a gleaming retro-futuristic robot who’s programmed to delight. This world-class act combines groundbreaking costuming with disciplined physical performance and unforgettable characterisation.

Tubby’s on his way to the future… Hmmm, is this the right way? Surely one of these humans must know… When Tubby finds a human who can help, a delightful exchange begins. It’s absurd, it’s funny, and everyone has a chuckle. Sooner or later he’s on his way again. More people, more adventures! “SEE YOU IN THE FUTURE!”.

Tubby’s performances excite the imagination and encourage participation, making a chance encounter with Tubby the Robot is a truly unique experience that your audience will not forget. If you’re after quality entertainment that works for all ages, book Tubby the Robot today.

Tubby the Robot is available in a range of roving options to suit different types of events and audiences. We can tailor the performance to your event or theme. Each show is actively managed by a chaperone to ensure public safety, and the performer is fully insured.