Tony Mowbray is no ordinary corporate speaker .....

An audience needs to know the person they are listening to has lived the experience, learned from the experience, and is able pass on the lessons of the experience.

Tony speaks with authority about the "Power of Commitment". His inspiring story offers all who hear it a recipe for success in today's tough business climate.

Vision, goal setting, leadership, teamwork, improvisation, motivation, inspiration, planning to succeed and achievement are key elements of his presentation.

In delivering his keynote address Tony weaves a web, enabling the audience to realise parallels which relate to their own challenges and situations.

The "Power of Commitment" enabled Tony Mowbray to become the fastest Australian to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. This 181-day, record-breaking adventure required total focus and unswerving self-belief.

Tony and his crew on board "Solo Globe Challenger" were part of the 1998 Sydney to Hobart fleet, which encountered the worst race-conditions on record. Little did Tony know that within 24 hours of the start he and his crew would be fighting a 15-hour battle of life and death - nature was asking them to reach further within themselves than they ever had before. "Solo Globe Challenger" surfed down the face of a 60-foot wave upside down after a monumental knock down. In 160 km/hr winds Tony "could see and smell death in the water". As Tony states "the devil took me by the hand and led me to the edge of a huge precipice and made me stand there on tippy toes for 15 hours - he allowed me to walk away but tragically 6 men died throughout that afternoon and the next day". The fight for life was won but Tony's dream of sailing around the world was shattered. His boat was all but wrecked, as was his physical and mental state. Within 4 months Tony's spirit had reignited the flame of a solo world circumnavigation. His boat was rebuilt and he left Australia in search of some answers.

Tony Mowbray talks with authority about the "Power of Commitment". His inspiring story offers all who hear it a recipe for success in today's tough business climate. Just as sailing requires you to tack to reach your destination, tacking for success is one of the principles that allowed Tony to set an Australian record time when he sailed the globe. Short, medium and long-term goal setting is essential to achieving success, and he demonstrates how this is accomplished. He also stresses the importance of reviewing goals, the constant need for flexibility, making adjustments and improvising as you move forward. His presentation features tools to help overcome major hurdles and he'll equip you with common-sense problem solving techniques. Tony explains how 100% commitment encourages those around you to respond in all manner of ways to assist you to achieve your goals. His approach is refreshing and truly enlightening.

Tony Mowbray's story is an incredible tale of adventure. His life story has many twists and turns. He has raised over $200,000 for charity; completed marathons and triathlons; has competed in 15 Sydney to Hobart Yacht races; held the record for sailing non-stop around Australia and in April 2001 became Australia's fastest ever solo, non-stop and unassisted world circumnavigator. Tony Mowbray is married to Lorraine and is father to Holly (10) and Jordan (8). He is 46 years old and a fiercely proud Australian. In tackling his 15th Sydney to Hobart in 2001 there was a pressing need to complete the Sydney to Hobart chapter - "That's Tony Mowbray!"