Tongues of Fire community choir began after advertising at a Heavenly light Quartet/RoadKnight Caravan concert at the Sacred Music Festival at Brisbane’s Powerhouse in May of 2002.

Tongues of fire was started as a flexible attendance, non-denominational Gospel choir with a strong repertoire that also included repertoire of various Gospel songs in African languages too.

Like most choirs, the material of Tony Backhouse, well-respected and inspirational Gospel choir/singing/workshop Guru was the basis of most of the repertoire. TOF would like to pay its humble respects and thanks to Tony for his support and the opportunity to sing such wonderful, fun and highly uplifting material.

Today TOF has membership of around 66 members. TOF sings African styles, Black Gospel Styles, uplifting Pop, Soul, World and Multicultural music.

Highlights include:

With Margret RoadKnight and Mary Jane Carpenter at the Brisbane Powerhouse,

Corporate function for The “Cream and Bad” Awards City Hall along side Angry Anderson

Logan International Women’s day celebrations,

Brisbane Blues and Roots Festival

Channel 7's Battle of the Choirs