Tom changes lives.The thousands of people whose lives he has impacted typically say he is real, captivating, unforgettable and transformational.

Tom is best known for his incredible entrepreneurial story on how he created Australia’s most successful standalone retail bakery business. Employing over 250 staff with a turnover in excess of $17 million and serving over 1 million customers per year, the bakery is testament to Tom’s savvy entrepreneurship, drive and innovative business practices.

He is also much more than this and wears multiple hats in his life today. He has risen above his impoverished background to become an incredibly successful businessman, leader, author, mentor, ambassador and, of course, Australia’s most unorthodox speaker. His grit and guts typify this charismatic baker from Beechworth.

Tom is a highly captivating and unforgettable speaker who has spoken to tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the World. His wealth of knowledge and wisdom has transformed their lives and businesses.

Tom is a real as it gets. He simply shares his story and experiences yet with great passion, and is famous for making his audiences laugh. He rekindles enthusiasm and inspires eagerness to change without audiences ever realising it until they walk out, totally energized and rearing to go. Packed with practical take away messages for delegates both at a personal and business level, every presentation is tailored specifically to the needs of the client.

Of course, Tom is still in business today and retains a majority share in the Beechworth Bakery business.