Not only will his Motivational Humour thoroughly entertain and delight your audience, but also more importantly he guarantees to further the purpose of your next event by communicating your own message in a memorable and unique manner! He will inspire people to challenge their own perceptions of what really is impossible and to apply this new reality to their own lives and work, but he also provides simple, practical tools to help achieve immediate results. All delivered in a thought provoking, hilarious and highly entertaining manner.

Key Notes & Content Detail

Thinking like a Magician

Lets face it; Magicians have a unique way of thinking! They seek out impossible things and work out methods to achieve them. Learn how they think and apply these simple concepts to your own challenges with immediate results!

Learn how to Achieve the Impossible!

Business Creativity

Problem Solving




Thinking way beyond “Outside the Square”

Participants get fresh and exciting methods to blast through creative blocks, gain practical skills and increased confidence in their own creative abilities. A highly entertaining, practical, interactive and exciting presentation! As Keynote or Workshop.

Motivate your Memory

Guaranteed improvement in memory skills, adapted to your group. Customer Service, Sales, Help Desk. Names & Faces, Facts & Figures, Practical & Useful Secrets. As Keynote or Workshop.

Motivational Comedy

Not only can Timothy entertain and delight any audience, but more importantly... he guarantees to further the purpose of your next conference or meeting by communicating your own message in a unique and memorable way. Your message, theme & ideas can be reinforced and illustrated in different and magical ways. Timothy motivates the audience to take the lessons and skills learnt at the conference and put them into practice. Kick-off, Keynote, Closing Session.

Or as simply entertainment after Dinner or during a Conference, as the most unique and thought provoking presentation imaginable!

Corporate Triva Challenge