Tim is a wonderful showman, his

brilliance is the way he can weave wit

and stories between his Nursery Rhythm


A show that will bring back all those

wonderful happy childhood memories of

singing Nursery Rhythms.

King of the Kids, Tim Jackman, is an

actor, singer and guitarist who has been

entertaining children and adults alike

for over a decade. With guitar, kazoo

and classic nursery rhymes, Tim brings

music and rhythm to the heads,

shoulders, knees and toes of every


He has performed for the children of the

Woodford Folk Festival for more than ten

years, and since 2008 has appeared

weekly at ‘The Corner’ at the State

Library of Queensland.

He has also worked on and performed in

touring productions of Play School and

Bananas in Pyjamas. Tim has been

invited to return this year to the Sydney

Children’s Festival, after making his

debut in 2009.