Best known as a trainer on three series of Network Ten's The Biggest Loser, Tiff has a background in martial arts, with more than 20 years of experience in Taekwondo.

With a double degree from Melbourne University, Tiffiny worked as a journalist before publishing five non-fiction books including the very popular health and exercise manual You Beauty!

Not just all about pushups and squats, Tiff loves to write fiction. Winning the prestigious John Marsden Creative Writing Award, she released her Roxy Ran trilogy in 2012, including White Ninja, Red Samurai and Black Warrior. Her teen novel Maxi and the Magical Money Tree followed and she is currently writing a young adult novel soon to be release with HarperCollins Publishers.

Tiff continues to be a positive role-model for health and fitness in the media and is determined to help others to feel more confident and empowered.



Healthy you, healthier business

Simple, realistic health messages to help you lose weight, gain energy and be more productive at home and at work. Keynote covers fitness, training, nutrition and exercise.


Body image and confidence

How to boost your self-esteem, feel more confident and break down media myths and socialmedia lies.


Destress and reboot

How to reduce anxiety and increase your resilience and personal power.


Mixed self-defence/Women’s personal safety

Basic self-defence lessons on how to protect yourself as well as info on how to protect your body from fake food and toxins. Tiffiny can include a mass boardbreak.