The Wanderers

Of over 100 professional performers who auditioned, twelve were chosen to become ‘THE WANDERERS’.

The aim was to employ a multi-skilled troupe to supply quality roving entertainment for Festivals, Conventions, Tourist Resorts, Shopping Centres and individual Promotions.

THE WANDERERS appear as soloists or with any number of the troupe to perform a variety of characters each. They aspire to entertain as many people in as many areas and in as many different ways as possible. Obviously, The Wanderers reflect value for money – i.e. within a 3 to 4 hour call each Wanderer can perform 3-4 different characters giving the client a number of varying entertainment options.

MTA guarantees that by booking THE WANDERERS you’ll be totally impressed by their diversity, professionalism, reliability and the sheer enjoyment shown by the audiences.


The most popular of the Wanderers’ characters are the English Bobbies and the English Bobbies on Holidays. Dressed traditionally, Constables Bob, Bob & Bob are on a police exchange programme booking people for an array of silly offences.


The Maitre de characters are dressed in loud dress tails with satin lapels and gold epilates, black pants with red stripes, white gloves and large Elvis-style wigs. Assisted by Manuel, the hilarious European waiter and/or William the 102 year-old butler.


Ned and Ted are from Fannie Bay in the Northern Territory and represent the famous Fannie Bay Fishing Fanatics. Dressed in the best flannelette,

Akubras, waders and armed with their old creel and 1001 fishing tales.


“They’re heeeeerrrrre!” The friendly aliens are visiting to check out Australia’s tourist attractions. They are attired in the way they assume true-blue Aussies dress: colourful suits made of Australiana material featuring local icons such as Vegemite, Arnotts, Tooheys; diggers, kangaroos etc. The only give away is their large alien head.


Is it the Flinstones? 2001: A Space Odyssey? Planet of the Apes?

No, it’s the Troggs coming to town and the place will never be the same again! From 2000B.C., this normal, everyday cave family has been thrust into the 21st century with hilarious results.


The babies, without their mother, out on the town wearing large professionally-made nappies, bonnets, bibs & dummies are getting into all sorts of trouble!


After trekking through the wild jungles of Africa, the dry deserts of the Sahara, the dangerous oceans of the Bermuda Triangle and the absolutely terrifying shopping malls of Australia, THE LOST EXPLORERS are here to share their adventure with us.


Introducing Shane Dyet & Mick Fattman, two of the more “not so agile” and “not so light” jockeys. Dressed in colourful satin jockey silks, matching helmets, white jodhpurs and black boots, their movements are slow & sluggish and they’re never too keen to ride anything except a Sushi Train.


Peter Porter, Patrick Porter, Percy Porter, Pugsley Porter & Pontius Porter make up the team of zany Porters. The comic troupe perform various porter drills often to the command to an old inspector.


Wearing flying suits, leather hats, goggles, World War 1 gas masks and draped in cobwebs the ‘very English’ pilots rove in search of their plane.


The very funny country lifesavers are dressed in golden old style march past lifesaver costumes, long socks, boots, thick glasses and goggles.

Gazza, Bazza & Shazza are here to recruit members for their inland Australia surf club, preferably members who can swim and then teach the rest of the club.



These beautifully costumed characters are a delight for both young and old audiences. Used all year round, this mischievous group collect the names and Christmas wishes for delivery to Santa. Within the group, we have Elwood the lazy elf who has lost “elf esteem” and Elwin Elf who is the Union Rep.


From Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, Ebenezer Scrooge just doesn’t like Christmas. Dressed in the long white Wee Willy Winkie night-dress & cap, cane, top hat and a mean expression, Ebenzer roves giving his advise, bad as it may be, for the not-so-festive season.

Christmas?! Bah Humbug!!

The ghosts from Christmases Past, Present & Future can also perform with this character.


The Christmas Police have been sent by the Big S (Santa) to ensure, as the song says, that “there is no pouting, no shouting, no sighing and no crying.” The Police have ways of knowing if you’ve been bad or good, so you’d better be good for goodness sake.


The colourful, mad-capped, slightly vague and funky fairy is never quite sure if it’s Christmas, Easter, Bahmitzvah or time to collect a tooth.


- The Steele family Rudd of Dad, Dave, Mabel & Granny

- The Thargomindah Lifesavers

- Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang

- Lost Convicts

- Captain Phillip

- James Cook

- Aussie Picture Show Man

- Aussie Crowd Comfort Patrol

- Funny Money Activity Officers (Horse Races & Two-up)


(Costs for these impersonators are available upon request)

- Austin Flowers, “international man of mimicry”

- Dr. Evil

- Marilyn Monro

- Charlie Chaplin

- W.C. Fields

- Carmen Miranda

- Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

- Manuel

- “Top Marx” the Marx Bros Trio

- “Pressed For Time”, the snap happy Press Reporters.


- Count Dracula

- Morticia

- The Mummy

- Zombies

BALLOONATICS: These crazy characters can dress in a variety of styles including Australiana style suits; Flamboyant Tails; Jesters; Irish Leprechauns and many more

The performer will rove performing very clever balloon modelling with comic patter.

DISCO DAZZLERS: Very talented with hilarious patter, the Disco Dazzlers are dressed in silver sequined outfits and extra large Afro wigs performing various 1970’s routines.

COOLATAK: The team of two or four crazy rockers from the 50’s, with large Elvis and/or beehive-style wigs and glittery suits are tooooo coool! They make Michael Jackson’s Bad look good, they wear sunglasses to bed, and… “thay are a just a roving hunka, hunka burning love!


Dressed in beautiful traditional Japanese Wedding Kimonos, the duo or trio mesmerise the crowd with their slow, silent and graceful movements.

At times the Kimonettes will position themselves as human statues amazing onlookers when they realise that the performers are actually real people!