The 60's were an exciting, revolutionary, turbulent time of great social and technological change: assassination, unforgettable fashion, new musical styles, Camelot, civil rights, women's liberation, a controversial and divisive war in Vietnam, the first manned landing on the moon, peace marches, World's Fairs, flower power, great TV and film and sexual freedom.

The Substitutes formed in 2005 and specialise in recreating the '60s excitement and rawness that often gets lost with mere cover bands. Listen to a Dave Davies guitar solo or a Keith Moon drum fill and know that the 60's were about experimentation and shock, not just good pop melodies.

With the gob smacking vocals and superb guitar work of Dennis Millar (ex seminal 70's band Buster Brown), the rock solid rhythm section of Pete Robinson (ex The Strangers) and Peter Reed (ex New Dream,) and the punk energy of Peter Summers (ex Strange Idols), The Substitutes faithfully produce the sounds of the '60s, just like the record, but with spirit, a dry humour and passion.

This 4 piece band faithfully recreate the 60's sounds of the British Invasion and Flower Power eras. Featuring highly regarded 60's veterans Mick Hamilton (ex The Vibrants) on vocals and guitar and Pete Robinson (ex The Strangers) on vocals and bass.

'The Substitutes' play the music of the Beatles, Stones, Kinks, The Who, Manfred Mann, Zombies, Them, Hollies, Dave Clark Five, Dylan, The Band, Byrds, Small faces, Lovin' Spoonful, Buffalo Springfield and many more. They are the perfect Baby Boomer party band!