Six hand picked horn and percussion specialists with experience on the stages of the world that are incredibly versatile about where they can play because they don’t need to plug in. Not a tired roving band but excellent musicians with high skills and charisma in buckets that can work large crowds. Concerts, dance-fests, workshops, kid’s shows, circus skills, vocal prowess and the audience skills that festivals dream of.

The power of acoustic music consider, without a PA all the volume the band provides comes from physical energy.

Workshops individuals can offer a unique insight into the minds that create the music and colour, an opportunity to explore the concepts that drive the performances.

The idea of a festival with a Festival (the value for money that we represent) its like finding a bunch of free airline tickets under the kitchen table.

Alternative staging afforded by acoustic music less money on PAs and the extras mean more money on festival ambience which means return punters.

Our collective audience handling skills we all have extremely large hands.