The Stilt Police - because no one is above the law! A comedy trio of stilt walkers, our boys in blue will tickle you pink! These olde world, oafish officers are thoroughly engaging entertainers. It's roving entertainment that keeps people laughing.

The Stilt Police act is available in two variations; as the London Bobbies or Ye Olde Stilt Police who are Australian through and through. A trio of distinct characters, their hierarchy is made up of the Commissioner, his Sergeant and the probationary Constable who is always in trouble. From corporate entertainment to festivals and public events these roving entertainers engage any audience.

Available as a solo, duo or trio, see how they delight people at your next event. The Stilt Police are someone you can look up to.

The Stilt Police are a fantastic act to book for a corporate function. They work a crowd, making sure that all are paying attention and ushering people from one venue to the next. They monitor good, clean, wholesome fun with their crime scene tape at the ready, and the Stilt Police are not afraid to wrap people up in it. An act that keeps people laughing with their comical interaction - our boys in blue will tickle you pink! The perfect roving entertainment to lift the energy and maintain the momentum at your next corporate event.