The Shipwreck Castaways: A luxury cruise ship is shipwrecked in the Pacific Ocean, the only survivors are a band of the ships musicians.

After many months a drift at sea, these “Ship Wreck Castaways” are so overjoyed to have found land at last, that they celebrate with song, merriment & infectious nautical humour.

The performance is an audience interactive, roving, costumed, musical trio playing Banjo, Ukulele, & Percussion (on a tea chest). The same tea chest that they used as a life raft allowing whilst using the Ukuleles as paddles. Three grown men in a tea chest, they will accurately demonstrate how they fitted in the tea chest using it as a raft, fending off shark attacks, whilst keeping a watchful eye out for mermaids (rescuers).

The Shipwreck Castaways play & sing a wide range of "cruise ship" classics like: TEQUILA, SWAY, TICO TICO, THAT'S AMORE, GIRL FROM IPANEMA, HERNANDO’S HIDEAWAY, PERFIDIA, QUANDO QUANDO, STIR UP, BLAME IT ON THE BOSSA NOVA just to name a few..

Guests can preserve memories of the event by using their own camera to have their photos taken with The Shipwreck Castaways...

Sea creatures, mermaid nets, fish nets & a range of other naughty (nautical) accessories provided!

The Shipwreck Castaways are suitable for a wide range of events where fun is a feature, like nautical themed events, festivals, corporate functions, shopping centres, parties and the like.

The Shipwreck Castaways are a highly audience interactive, roving, musical street theatre ensemble