This is no regular ‘Corporate Clown’!

A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to coax innocent people into partaking in feats of silliness or danger, never experienced before.

Such feats as the amazing ‘ride of fear’, where a dare devil sits upon The Great Gizmo’s shoulders while he rides his unicycle. The Great Gizmo's only steering being the curls on his distinguished moustache.

He can balance on his chin anything from a feather to a bicycle. To see 10 chairs balanced upon a chin, you need to see The Great Gizmo!

Keep your shoes and other possessions protected, as they are likely to be juggled before your very eyes. Anything is possible when The Great Gizmo is around. The fire devil stick leaves not a hint of soot on his huge tailored suit as it dances all around him, the control has to be seen to be believed.

The Great Gizmo! He performs his way through crowds at corporate functions, festivals, private parties, shopping centres, wherever people are gathered. They are Amused, Bemused, Dazzled, Surprised, Shocked, and most of all Entertained.