Decide, what do you want to do in a party? Or ponder deeply, if you are the host, what do you want your guest to do? Dance a bit or dance whimsically, or just sit relaxed and enjoy the music? Yeah, a party is a gathering of different people. Different people usually do different things. So, don’t get confused, just hire a band who could deliver a perfect tone for your party and the best name comes to mind is “The Cast Band” –an Adelaide based cover band. The cast initially started in 2013, a fresh and funky band; now people humming their soundtrack in major Adelaide venues.

The lead vocalist, Chloe Castledine is a dynamic performer with her stellar band members deliver the pitch perfect sound chord to the event. They are the master of creating a great atmosphere. The band is lucky to have an all-round performer Jon Wilson – a Music Director, Vocalist and Bass Player. His supervision keeps the tone tight and live so that the crowd goes crazy. Dan Ryan hits the beats like a rhythmic fountain on a mountain and sings melodiously. The guitarist Dave Kokkinn is referred to as Van Halen in their own band circle.  The keyboardist Shannon Graham is an excellent player who also happens to be an amazing male model. All members have graduated from The Adelaide Conservatoriam of music and most have completed their masters in Jazz.

The Adelaide Casino, The Adelaide Convention Centre, The Palais, The Arkaba Lounge, Bath Hotel, and The Grand are their regular spots for performance. In tour down under 2013, The Cast performed at Stage 5. They are also performing at various community events on Civic Park. In between all that, they perform weddings and private corporate functions.

The Cast is versatile with not only style but can entertain as a duo, a trio, a 5 piece, or as "The All Star Cast" which includes 2 or 3 horns and backing vocals. The Cast can be a jazz band, a funk and soul band. But being the ultimate Party Band is what they do best. They never fail to have everyone up on the dance floor with their classic party tunes and of course the latest Top 40 dance tunes.

The Cast is a group of friends who are passionate of their music and offers excellent entertainment by their performance. They are the band for all seasons – jazz, classic, funk, soul etc. They can give any DJ a run for their money.