Dan Oldaker

Welcome to an offbeat physical comedy world of clown, acrobat and top flight improvisation. A fresh and innovative performer, Daniel has a special ability to take the most common and ordinary circumstances, people or objects and weave them into a marvelously intricate tapestry of comedy. His keen powers of observation and innate understanding of structure combined with his exceptional circus abilities and attention to detail make each and every one of his performances a joy to experience.

The Bellboy

The hotel is open for business and there's no case too heavy for the entertaining services of 'The Bellboy', rich in comic flavour he presents the ups and downs of being a service man to the public.


Be prepared for the unexpected, with a couple of straws and a newspaper Eugene will take you on a journey into the world of make believe. Portraying images of Vampires and Aliens, there's no need to be alarmed because Eugene is here to save the day.