“Teeny Tiny Stevies” is a children's music group, established in 2015 by sisters Bethany 'Beth' and Sibylla 'Byll' Stephen, who also perform as the indie folk band “The Little Stevies”.

In 2015, Beth and Byll started playing around writing some children’s songs. Inspired originally by the need to teach Byll’s three-year-old about the challenges of toilet training, the side-hobby was so much fun and so effective, before they knew it, they’d written and recorded a full-length album.

Teeny Tiny Stevies' debut album “Useful Songs for Little People” was offered to their fanbase through The Little Stevies’ website. Featuring songs such as 'I Ate a Rainbow' and 'Family (Love Is Love)', the album quickly became a word-of-mouth sensation with families around Australia. One of the tracks from the album, 'Baby in Mum's Tummy', was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

The band received further attention when they were the subject of a blog post written by Zoë Foster Blake titled Kids Music That Doesn’t Suck.

After performing string of shows and festivals, the band's second album “Helpful Songs For Little People”, was released in February 2018 by ABC KIDS, and was nominated for the ARIA Award for Best Children's Album. The album features the singles 'Boss Of My Own Body' and 'Boy Or Girl Colour'.

Teeny Tiny Stevies' music videos, which are animated by renowned illustrator Simon Howe, are broadcast regularly on ABC KIDS TV. These videos were also noticed by the creative team at Sesame Street, who commissioned Byll and Beth to write music for their online kids video channel.