Never underestimate the power of a good reader at your function; without exception guests will be enthralled and lining up for consultations. Many people will experience something very powerful and it really does strike at the heart of a personal and warm entertainment experience that is unlike any other.

With a fresh and contemporary approach to tarot reading, Julia draws inspiration from modern day archetypes and well as ancient mythology.

Julia began reading tarot cards in the early 1990’s when she lived in East Berlin. Upon returning to Australia she went on to work in corporate events reading for major companies such as BHP, Sony and Microsoft. No washed up Indian clothes or scarves, Julia prefers a classic business look for a day function or a cocktail dress for an evening function.

Drawing upon her experiences in acting and theatre she is able to instantly break the ice and engage with people creating a friendly and fun environment. Usually a function would begin with a traditional sit down reading in a quiet part of the room, later Julia introduces ‘Walk around Tarot’ which works as an interactive game and encourages guests to laugh and read together in a team environment. Gifted in general clairvoyance, Julia also incorporates this into her readings.

Ideal for corporate seminars and trade fairs, tarot consultations can work as a group

team building exercise and individual readings can allow people a chance to relax and talk about issues ofconcern, whether personal or business.

For events with children – a special fairy story deck is used with images such as Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan and individual readings and interactive games can be organised. Highly experienced with children, Julia has also taught drama at Sydney’s Scots College.