Suzie Q is an international showgirl and pole performer. A regular guest performer in both Paris and London she was a finalist in last years UK Erotic Awards. She owns Suzie Q Pole Studio in Sydney and has been the winner of Miss Pole Dance NSW for the past two years. When she met Australian Sports Acrobatic Champion, Toby J in 2008 she convinced him to quit competing and try pole dancing. Although at first reluctant to don tiny shorts in public, Toby was eventually convinced and the pair have now created their own style of mixed pair pole dance (which they like to call "Acro-pole") incorporating elements of adagio and acrobatics. Upon discovering a shared love for being suspended mid-air, they began learning double trapeze. They now travel around Australia and overseas with Toby hanging from the ceiling and Suzie hanging from his feet!

Toby's former career as a tour leader saw him travelling the world, demonstrating the delights you could find at ground level, after settling in Australia he took up trapeze and Sports Acrobatics as a way to keep fit. He was national champion in Level 5 Acrobatics in his first year of competition and upon discovering a love for all things airborne, now works at ARCAA (Australian Recreational Institute for the Aerial Arts) and performs double trapeze both here and overseas.

Show Menu:

Double Trapeze: "Twilight"

A dramatic piece with a vampiric twist set to the theme music from 'Requiem for a Dream'. Passionate and sensual this show runs for approximately 7 minutes

Acro: "Living Doll"

Unable to figure out the instructions to his new life size wind-up doll, Toby is distressed when his doll comes to life and begins instructing him. A humorous show that runs for approximately 5 minutes

Double Pole: "Jungle"

Set to sexy jungle beats this show explores the ideas of male dominance and female submission with a distinctly tribal theme. This show runs for approximately 5 minutes