This is vocal music as you’ve never seen it before. With four amazing voices, world-first live looping and effects technology, crazy stage antics and a wicked sense of humour, Suade takes stages by storm around Australia and the globe.

Sweet, close harmony meets new- school beatboxing, multi-microphone live looping, high energy showmanship and no-holds-barred comedy in a unique and memorable new show called VocalTronics that easily scales from small, quiet private rooms, through convention centres, to outdoor stages, concert halls and arenas.

Suade is an exceptionally versatile, engaging and entertaining act with over a decade’s worth of proven ability to surprise, delight and amaze audiences regardless of age, gender, language or nationality. This is an absolutely unique show.

Professional, organised, well- presented and flexible, Suade is a rarity in the entertainment industry, and can turn any event, function or gathering into the party you always hoped it would be. Let their twelve years of enduring experience convince you that Suade is absolutely the right act for the job. You won’t be disappointed!