Stilt-Terrific consist of performers who have made their mark in circus, theatre, film and television.

With over 15 years of experience in Australia and overseas, these thespians have been involved in many aspects of the industry and have plenty to offer most corporate and public events.

They have created characters that are both informed and inspired, on stilts and on the stage. With a large dose of tongue in cheek, they are sure to brighten any function or event.

Stilt-Terrific's artists have performed at most major events such as Moomba, Grand Prix, Australian Open as well as performing with such companies as MTC, Opera Australia, Cirque du Soleil, Cameron Macintosh, Nickelodeon and many more both in Australia and overseas.

Having trained at the Flying Fruit Fly Circus, Circus Oz, the National Theatre, Philippe Genty and Jacques le Coq.