Steven Van Aperen in known throughout Australia as an expert in the field of interviewing and detecting deception. Steve has received extensive training from the world’s leading international investigative authorities in how and why people deceive. Steve is often consulted by the media and has been affectionately named the 'Human Lie Detector'. Steve demonstrates how to detect liars by observing verbal and non-verbal clues of behaviour.

Drawing on real life examples Steven demonstrates the methods in which people deceive. For example when Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever used an illegal drug he answered: “I’ve never violated a law of my country.” Whilst the response appears to be a denial he did not answer the question. Later Clinton admitted that he smoked marijuana whilst at Oxford University in the United Kingdom but didn’t inhale. People often lie by omission rather than commission. What people don’t say is often more important then what they do say! Steve demonstrates how we use language, paralinguistic styles, past tenses and body language to deceive others and how to recognise when people are engaging in such behaviours.