One of the most amazing things about Steven Copley is that he was raised on a farm by humans.

When it comes to comedians, Steven is one of Australia’s weirdest.

He been performing since 1995 to crowds ranging from churches to footy clubs.

In 2000 he performed regularly on Channel Seven’s AM Adelaide with 14 appearances, as well as performing at Christmas shows for companies such as EDS (2004) and he has been part of the Adelaide Fringe in 2000, 2002 and 2004.

His style would best be described as a Dead Pan Computer Nerd with answers to most of the world’s problems.

He doesn’t swear, talk about drugs, sex or politics, but seems to focus on food and animals and sometimes how food is made out of animals.

After his act people walk away happy, partly because they haven’t been offended and partly because they are not him.

He is definitely Australia’s answer to a question that has not been asked yet.

So if you need a fresh, unique comedian for your next show, Steven Copley is your answer.