1968: Steady Eddy was brought into the world by his mother, Stable Mable and his somewhat reluctant father, Gene Poole. Little did they know that, even before birth, the Department of Comedy (DOC) had earmarked their cherished offspring and his fate had already been sealed.

1991: The DOC made a house call to recruit Eddy into a new crack unit: the comedy commandos. Their mission was to infiltrate the ranks of the evil organisation known as the Gods of Comedy (GOC), who bored audiences with jokes that were being used before his time. Steady's covert training began in the open Mic section at The Sydney Comedy Store, where he learned the skills he needed to perform his daunting task.

1992: Steady Eddy was ready for his first mission: to join the ranks of Channel Nine's top rating daytime show, Midday. Here he worked undercover using his training and tactical charm to persuade his mainly elderly audience that he was a 'nice boy'. He succeeded and as a bonus he managed to convince the TV networks as well. Two days later Channel Seven asked him to appear on Tonight Live, where he proceeded to relieve host Steve Vizard of his command, and with military precision, took over the show.

1993: Steady felt it was time to branch out. Not content with his coups on the home front, he expanded his reign of humour to a small island called New Zealand, where the natives welcomed him with open arms. This tour of duty became known as the "Ready Steady Go!" tour. Eddy's command of comedy tactics and precise timing was becoming so renowned that in the same year he released a CD and video which captured the best of his achievements and sold 20, 000 copies. The legend had begun.

1994: Steady was awarded the rank of Commander of Comedy and on the same strength of this took the decision to make an all-out assault on the GOC throughout the world. He started at the International Melbourne Comedy Festival where has was rewarded with a Young Australian Achievers Award. From here the Bore War ensued with Steady single handedly taking on mighty comedy armies in the UK, Canada and the USA. For this he was highly decorated with two MO Awards for New Wave Comedy Performer and an ARIA for Best Comedy Recording.

1995: Commander Eddy was commended for bravery when he made his first assault on a non-English speaking country - Austria. Luckily there was a significant band of renegades loyal to the DOC, laughter triumphed and his mission was deemed a success. This, and a further tour in the USA saw Steady receive another MO Award for his unique brand of New Wave Comedy.

1996: This year saw Steady yet again storming to victory on his home turf and in New Zealand, during which he found time to embark on a covert operation in TV drama. Commander Eddy's previous raids into acting had him set him in good stead for his guest appearance in Channel Ten's State Coroner, which aired the following year and was well received.

1997: Not content with his unbelievable success, Steady kept the GOC at bay with a full tour of Australia and was nominated for yet another MO Award. He also made his debut as a guest reporter on Channel Seven's Today Tonight.

1998: Shaping up to be a very big year for the Commander of Comedy, Steady signed a recording contract and released a New CD entitled "Born to be Bent".

1999: Worked on a new album and toured the UK to rave reviews. During 99, Steady embarked on a National Tour with Midnight Oil as their Master of Ceremonies.