Stacey Broughton is a consummate performer and versatile entertainer with a passion for jazz. Her early years were filled with the sounds of Sarah Vaughan, Julie London, Sergio Mendes, Brazil 66 and the live sounds of jamming in her lounge room when jazz pianist Ray Aldridge visited the family home.

Inspired by the music that surrounded her younger years Stacey began studies in jazz guitar at 15 years and by the age of 22 added the alto sax to her collection of preferred instruments. Then she had an epiphany. Stacey realised she just wanted to sing!

During her early twenties Stacey began socialising with jazz musicians and before she knew it was thrown into the deep end performing with Brisbane's finest. As a conscientious jazz student and astute listener she was quick to learn from her new colleagues "what not to do". She made a conscious decision to have fun and indulge in the music that made her happy: smooth bossa novas and uplifting swing numbers.

Stacey's debut album "Hurry Up and Wait" delivers a selection of new and old tunes guaranteed to take you on a ride of pure musical pleasure. You'll hear awesome arrangements by guitarist Jamie Clark performed by an exceptional band of great musicians and be uplifted by the energy and infectious joy of vocalist Stacey Broughton.