Khalil Gudaz is one of the most outstanding practitioners of Sitar of Hindustani and Afghani music in Australia today.

Trained from a young age on the Rabab and Tanboor, Khalil later learned Sitar in Kabul and then under took advance study in Delhi, India. He has studied under Master Amjad Ali Khan, the greatest and contemporary India’s Sarod Performance, and Musicians.

Khalil Gudaz is a master of demanding Sitar style known as “Gayaki-Ang” (the singing style of Sitar playing).

Khalil’s playing style and renditions of Hindustani music blend the character of the great North Indian Raag traditions with his subtle and lyrical melodic interpretations drawn from his Afghani heritage.

During his performances, he plays classical North Indian Raga as well as popular and folk melodies from India and Afghanistan.

His mastery of the instrument is dazzling, featuring breathtaking improvisation.

Khalil Gudaz is Internationally recognized for his work in bringing together major disciplines of Afghani and Hindustani music. He has always been accompanied by and outstanding tabla player in all his performances.

Since migrating to Australia in 1998, he played Sitar with the great acclaim at all music Festivals and solo concerts performances.

An “A” Grade artist of Radio and TV. He played live in India, Afghanistan Europe, and Australia. On a recent visit to India, his performance earned the critical acclaim of music critics and audience.

Khalil Gudaz has received numerous awards including a Gold Medal from Indian Music Association.

Of Afghani descent, he is now based in Melbourne, and has played extensively internationally & throughout Australia at festivals such as Womadelaid MF in Adelaide, Woodford in Brisbane, Canberra Folk Festival, Port Fairy, Bellingen Global Carnivale and Apollo Bay.