These are the most popular characters performed by the multi-character roving theatre troupe The Wanderers. The Singing Chefs have performed all over Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Bangkok. They are professional, reliable, accommodating and most of all - highly amusing and entertaining.

From a tiny kitchen in the Bordeaux District came the flirtatious Singing Chefs. There is Guiseppe - the head chef of the kitchen and guitarist: Marcel, the lethargic, very sleepy apprentice: and of course the true romantic, Pierre. They rove and perform their immortal classics including

What a wonderful meal (What a wonderful world)

BBQ (Barbara Ann)

Hey Food (Hey Jude)

Hot Dog (Hound Dog)

Costumed in Chefs outfits and large European moustaches and armed with an array of kitchen utensils and musical food equipment, The Singing Chefs are constantly a sensational crowd pleaser.