His comedic mind is quicker than the eye, yet mere words fall despairingly short of describing an evening with Scott Williams because he can be, and is, all things to all audiences.

Yuppies might describe Scott as a S.N.A.C. : Sensational New Age Comedian.

Politically correct people say Scott is a 'Punningly Perfect Prestigitator Providing one’s Palm Propinquity to one’s Patella' (translation: Comedy with knee slapping laughs).

Politicians may describe Scott as a pioneer in increasing the G.N.P. (Gross National Pleasure).

But by the end of his show, everyone agrees he’s Scott Williams, a new era in comedy, just read the references.

Scott is funny, quick, fresh, energetic, sure-fire, bright, fun, original, a natural blonde, hilarious unpredictable, crowdpleasable, and unputdownable!

Become a part of Scott’s era and bathe in the warm glow of his charm, his wit and his endearing character, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear.

Scott Williams is in constant demand by the business sector, both nationally and internationally. Many of the world’s leading corporations have maximised their impact on an audience by harnessing Scott’s comic brilliance as either a feature performer or Master of Ceremonies.