In the style of Sierra Maestra, The Afro Cuban All Stars and many others before them, Sambumbia play Son music from the mountainous regions of Cuba. This band is geared to a dance audience, as soon as they strike up you’ll be transported to a land of sweet fat cigars, gyrating brown bodies, and lashings of rum flavoured Tropicana. Sambumbia have performed to great acclaim at a range of private events and functions, and recently performed at the Port Fairy Folk Festival and Apollo Bay Music Festival.

The line up consists of vocals, guiro, tres, piano, trumpet, clave, bass, congas, bongos and timbales; creating a rich, sophisticated and authentic sound. The music itself is in the style of the Cuban ‘Son’. This lighter, gentler style of music is distinctly different to the modern power of Salsa. Son music soothes the spirit with its lifting melodies, humorous lyrics, and exciting soloing styles.