Ruth Ostrow is one of Australia's leading Mind Body Soul writers, educators and Keynote speakers, with her columns in The Australian newspaper read by millions, and a host of best-selling books to her credit in the areas of sexuality, human relations, money, and wellbeing. Best known for her work as a profiler of business leaders during the turbulent 80s, she recently rejoined News Limited as a finance journalist with a new column called Business Life exploring the psychological and spiritual aspects of work life. Over the years Ruth has witnessed the demise of many of our most powerful corporate identities through stress, burn-out and poor decision making. As a result she focuses her speaking and writings on wellness, positive-ageing, Work Life Balance and ways to increase productivity and efficiency through leading a joyful, stress-reduced life. Ruth also works as an international consultant to the Health and Spa industry. She is a qualified yoga teacher, and a registered nutritional and dietary advisor.



Ruth talks about her years as a high-powered journalist and her observations of the habits of the rich and powerful. A self-confessed workaholic, she too, like many of the entrepreneurs she'd interviewed, discovered first hand the true cost of "burn out". To avoid the fate that had befallen many of the leaders she’d mixed with who died prematurely, ended up in jail, suffered painful divorces, or lost a lot of money due to poor mental agility, she made a dramatic life change which has resulted in a more meaningful form of success. Now a qualified nutrition and longevity expert, yoga teacher and international speaker she writes and talks about Wellness and helps others create a new paradigm for the word “TOTAL SUCCESS” -- of body, mind, and back pocket.


There are many “secret codes” hiding in the recess of our minds that are determining whether we are successful or not in love, work, health and family. These are Mantras - secret beliefs said over and over again, implanted by parents, teachers and those who encoded our behaviour when we were small. Drawing on amazing and often inspiring stories from her years working as a Relationships expert on radio and TV then Health writer, then business journalist and author of the best-seller Life Magic, in this informative and highly-amusing talk Ruth unearths some of the hidden messages we all suffer from that undermine or support us. Using habits she’s learned from some of our most successful leaders, she provides invaluable advice on how to reprogramme ourselves to get everything we ever wanted and more.