Ross Wilson and his musicians are among the best in Australia and New Zealand. Lead singer Ross Wilson is an Australian music success story who would be remarkable if only for writing the enduring Oz Rock classic 'Eagle Rock', a hit first for his 70s breakout act Daddy Cool. Since its release in 1971 'Eagle Rock' has been heard around the world. Recent outings saw it covered by kiddie kings 'The Wiggles' & included in the soundtrack of international box office smash horror movie 'Wolf Creek'.

However Ross is also responsible for many other great moments in Australian music. He wrote 'Cool World' & 'A Touch of Paradise' for Mondo Rock & sang the definitive versions of 'State of The Heart' & schoolie anthem 'Come Said The Boy' both written by Mondo Rock's guitarist Eric McCusker (now a member of The Urban Legends).

Ross, Eric, Chris, & Davey perform semi-acoustic gigs as the RW3 with Ross switching from electric to acoustic guitar. The repertoire varies somewhat to that of Ross Wilson and the Urban Legends (Ross’ touring band). The familiar hits take on a new sound with this approach. Songs such as 'Hi Honey Ho' & 'Come Back Again' sound more like the country blues that inspired them.