Robyn Williams was born in England and educated there and in Vienna. While studying biology at the University of London he appeared in many TV shows, from Monty Python to The Goodies. He also stood in for singer Tom Jones and sang rude songs in French for the BBC.

He has presented The Science Show on ABC Radio National since 1975 (is this a world record?) and appeared in many TV programs including Nature of Australia, World Safari (with David Attenborough) and CATALYST.

He was the first (and only) journalist to be elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, has been a fellow at Oxford (twice) and is a Professor at the University of Qld and UNSW. He has received 5 honorary doctorates (Deakin University,Sydney, Macquarie, ANU and UNSW).

His latest book is called Unintelligent Design, Why God isn't as smart as SHE thinks she is. He was elected a National Living Treasure by the National Trust and, in March, had a star named after him by the Sydney Observatory.


You can hear Robyn on;

• Robyn Williams on ABC Radio National:

• The Science Show: Saturday Midday, rpt Monday 7pm.

• Ockham’s Razor: Sunday 8.45am, rpt Wednesday 9.45pm.

• In Conversation: Thursday 7.40pm.

Robyn's sharp wit, keen sense of humour and ability to present science as an interest to just about anyone, has contributed greatly to the program's popularity.