Visual genius... standing ovations in the Grand Theatre. A triumph that puts him in a class of his own. Le Journal de Quebec, Canada June 2004

Rob grew up in Australia and never wanted to do anything else but make people laugh. With the tender age of four he proclaimed 'When I grow up I want to be a clown if I ever graduate from Kindergarten!'

Indeed Rob did graduate (from university) and went on to tour the world with his one man comedy shows. Very quickly the success of these shows landed him in Montreal Canada where he opened the TV gala at Just for Laughs the worlds biggest comedy festival. A tour around North America followed with Rob finally landing in Europe where he setup base and started performing in uncountable theatres, festivals and TV shows. During these travels he met his Swiss wife Silvie who introduced him to life in Switzerland...something hell never forgive her for.

After his performance at the Zurich Comedy Festival in 1998 Rob’s popularity rose so quickly in Switzerland that he was given his own TV show “Rob’s Comedy Club” in which he presented comedy stars from the around the world. Riding on that success, Rob has been touring his solo - shows, performing on international TV shows and was the most popular guest artist on Die Wochenshow Germany’s number one TV sketch show with 15 appearances.

At the moment Rob is living in Australia where he is developing an international visual comedy TV show in between touring Europe and North America.

He whipped the audience into an unbelievable ecstasy of pure laughter and flabbergasted bewilderment. Any more and the over excited

crowd would have screamed so loud that the theatre would have been rendered in state of wanted renovation. Rhein Zeitung, Cologne Germany 2002

The Dentist

All of our worst fears of visiting the dentist come to life as we visit Dr Drill the master of masochism in his torture chamber. Beware black comedy at it’s most gruesome!!!


In this audience participation sketch two members of the audience are incorporated into a high speed motorbike chase with the gags flying faster than a speeding sheep.

The Body Builder

A session at the fitness centre turns into a day at the zoo as Rob mutates from a man into a gorilla. Visual comedy bordering on body contortion and perversion.

Mr Whippy

With the music from Chariots of Fire Rob takes the audience back to the childhood memories of chasing the Mr Whippy van 6 blocks only to find out that he’s forgotton to take any money with him. Poetic comedy for ice cream lovers.

The Lumberjack

A Canadian lumberjack looses his chainsaw and has to revert to the help of his trusty beaver. The beaver soon collapses and is revived with Red Bull that sends him into a uncontrollable feeding frenzy. Absurd humour with loads of animal cruelty.