Hats and Canes, fringing and Fun! What’s more brilliant than a Flappers Floorshow!

Bring back the 1920s and celebrate your event in the style of Gangsta and Flappers. This theme is vibrant, fun and tasteful, ideal for any corporate event looking for a fabulous theme, a theme that only gets better with age...

There are various fabulous options to chose from including:

Option 1: 1920s Jazz bar vocalist – set the mood of your gorgeous dinner or special event right from the star:. Begin with a fine-looking, sultry lounge singer, performing softly in the background to backing tracks. (5 songs - 20 Minute mood music spot. Vintage, elegant singer)

Option 2: 1920s Jazz bar vocalist with 2 backup dancers, male or female(5 songs - 20 minute mood music spot)

Option 3: 1920s Chicago Charleston and Vaudeville floor show(1 x 12minutes show or 2 x 8 minute shows shows)

Option 4: Roaring '20s Flappers and Fred Astaire show (1 x 10 minute show)

Option 5: Roaring '20s Roving Dancers in costumes (vintage Show Girls, Charlie Chaplin, Ginger Rogers, Charleston dancers in fringed outfits)

Our shows are cheeky, quirky, fun and interactive. These dancers are all exquisitely dressed in authentic costuming and really know how to entertain your guests!!

We can also organise a Charlie Chaplin for in the show and to rove prior to the Floorshow, bring the whole theme over the entire night.