For over a decade Richard has been helping audiences get a sense of what’s coming down the line, bringing into focus key issues long before they hit the mainstream: Peak Oil, Peak Water, Resource Wars, Renewable Energy, Rising Sea Levels, Post Carbon Lifestyles, etc. But now it is time to look further ahead.

In his updated ‘Future Show’, supported by striking visuals, Richard takes the audience on a fast paced journey from Socrates to the Sixties to the outer reaches of the 21st Century, to reveal how innovation and bright ideas spark paradigm shifts and new economies. Despite today’s threats, opportunities abound. Each presentation is tailored to inform, inspire and connect with the concerns of its audience.

The future leaves its “footprints on the sand”, says Richard, who offers ways to detect these “weak signals” and track their escalation. The road ahead is “paved with perils and promise”, so he urges his audience to engage the future and to cultivate the knack of “living in three times zones” – past, present and future. It’s not as hard as it sounds. In this age of acceleration, getting a grip on the future is a vital tool of empowerment. And it’s fun.

Hot topics: wars without end, wealth gap, bio mimicry, Wild Law, steady state economics, eco-art, ‘what you own, owns you’, leaderless terror, peak everything, mass media as a false refection of the future, cities on the edge, tomorrow’s tech, delusional leadership, chasing utopia, lethal ideas, High School revolution, helping each other succeed, planetary ethics.

Why let tomorrow take you by surprise?