One of the funniest and most engaging speakers in Australia today is the one time Dean of Hobart, the Reverend Harlin Butterley. Audiences, seeing the Reverend sitting at the top table in his clerical collar, often worry about what they are in for! Their amazement and delight on hearing him speak is obvious, and standing ovations are common.

Harlin was featured on the Nine Network’s ‘60 Minutes’, in a much-applauded program which explored different aspects of the life of this man who is such a favourite on the speaking circuit.

Harlin's experience overseas as an Army Chaplain in Germany, Ireland and England has seen him leaping out of helicopters; clearing oil from Cornish beaches; and having stones thrown at him in Belfast. He was also a chaplain of a school in Hong Kong and St. Michael's Collegiate School for Girls. His experiences have given him a rare insight into humanity and a fund of amusing stories to draw from.

His "hobby" as a raconteur is frowned upon by some clergy, and his maiden aunt warned that God would strike him down for laughing in church, but Harlin has continued to be reverently irreverent at everything from Major corporate presentations to Football Finals Lunches.