Sometimes words aren't enough. All the things that have and will be said about Renée of the world's finest singers...Australian music legend...are true and undeniable, but saying that about her still doesn't say enough. Renée Geyer is Renée Geyer, a unique talent, not a singer whose career is dependant on yesterday or tomorrow's hit song, but someone who lives for her next performance, on stage or on record, someone who refuses to rest on her laurels. The voice was always there. From the first time she opened her mouth those who heard turned their heads, but that wasn't enough for Renée Geyer, still isn't enough for Renée Geyer. She's much more now than she ever was.

Dedicated is Renée Geyer's twenty-second album. And she's convinced with this record she's reached a turning point.

“I do rhythm and blues,“ Renée explains. “This genre of music picked me. I didn't pick it. From a very early age I was listening to it on my transistor radio under my pillow. At fourteen or fifteen years of age I knew that this was the music I connected with. With this record I've turned some kind of corner where the suit that was bought for me as a young girl, that I knew was a beautiful suit, only just now fits. It just feels right.

“I always try to co-write with different people for every record. My ego as a singer is bigger than my ego as a writer, so it's always the best songs that make it. When I was offered this new recording deal with EMI I thought what would be great this time would be to do a mixture of existing classics and new songs as well.

There's no way that anyone is ever going to recreate an existing gem, but great songs are meant to be re-interpreted time and time again, and to me only a great song can be re-interpreted.

“Even though I've become the name that draws the people I've always been the singer in a band. Since I was very young I've always wanted to play with the best musicians. I've always been in that band because they're a great band. Nothing's changed on that level.