Raymond Crowe is described as one of Australia's leading contemporary magicians. His innovative, fresh approach delights audiences both intimate and grand.

Bringing together a warm sense of humour, contemporary methods and highly skilled traditional techniques, Raymond Crowe invites us to impart on a journey that transcends belief in his half hour Cabaret Show.

So how good is Ray Crowe?

At a recent conference and event industry showcase, Ray Crowe performed before hundreds of discerning individuals from across the events industry. The formal feedback following the event showed that an amazing 96.84% rated Ray Crowe as Excellent.

The popularity of Ray Crowe amongst his peers and audience is such that he was invited to become the first-ever Australian Magician to be on the now-famous NBC TV Special – ‘World’s Greatest Magic’. This 4th annual television special was filmed before a live audience at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and includes what are considered to be the 20 greatest magicians in the world! The show was viewed by over 20 million people worldwide.

Ray Crowe was also a featured act for the toughest audience in the world – and he received a standing ovation from these 3,000 magicians at the World 2003 Magic Convention.

The Show

In this solo cabaret show, we see Raymond and his self-inflicted magic sprinkled with witty, charming comedy, fun audience interaction participation, and sleight of hand manoeuvres that have to be seen to be believed. This show is a collage of Ray’s most sought after sketches that have amazed audiences of all sizes throughout the world.

All of Raymond’s shows include two of his most talked about sketches. Ray’s unique brand of entertainment includes a fine understanding of the art of ventriloquism, which, when coupled with Ray’s gentle good nature, lets his volunteers become the stars of the show in a section entitled Funny Voices; a fun audience interaction segment.

Watch as Ray gets a volunteer from the audience, substitutes their voice for a crazy character voice, and lets them produce the magic. Not only are the volunteers from the audience amazed at their new voice, they are totally captivated with the magic that they assist Ray to produce.

His show would not be complete without what has now become his signature farewell piece – ‘The Shadows’. It is one of Ray’s most outstanding works and often has audiences literally laughing in tears.