Melbourne-based pop singer and DJ, Rachel Costanzo is about to shake up the music industry with her fresh take on pop music coupled with her extraordinary talent as a DJ.

After breaking into the industry at just 16 with her first single, Blindside, the brave and bubbly young singer has officially released her fifth single in Australia. ‘Make It Alright’ is a display of Rachel’s powerful vocals and song writing talent.

By the time Rachel was 13, she knew she was destined to make a career out of music. For years she has taken on the industry, performing live on The X-Factor, Kids WB, ABC 3 and headlined Australia’s Teen Expo for two years running. At Teen Expo, she inspires and motivates youth across the country to overcome various hardships through reflecting on her own past experiences.

Rachel has spent years working closely with Australian singer-songwriter Michael Paynter. Together, the two have recorded numerous covers and music videos that have been showcased to over 80,000 viewers on her popular YouTube channel.

A hardworking young woman on a remarkable mission, Rachel is dedicated to making music that excites, inspires and electrifies listeners. Her ambition and sheer determination has seen her music stream live on Fox FM and in various advertisements for the station.

Currently, Rachel is in high demand in Melbourne, showcasing her vocal and DJ talents at regular gigs in well-known Bars, Restaurants, Corporate events and Weddings.

Rachel is devoted to her craft, motivated to inspire others through her unwavering commitment to music and her dedication to making her dream a reality. Having no illusions of overnight success, Rachel is in it for the long-haul. She is committed to working hard – writing, creating, performing, chasing her dreams and making powerful and meaningful music that moves, inspires and uplifts her audience.