Rachael started singing lessons at the age of nine and spent a lot of her childhood singing in Italian as a result of spending time with her Italian grandparents.

Rachael can sing in Italian, French and Spanish. She can also play the piano, flute and has sung in multiple choirs.

In 2009, Rachael won a singing competition on "RAI Uno" television in Rome and has been doing semi-professional gigs over the past two years for festivals, weddings and charities.

Rachael has always had music around her growing up as a child and found she related to music because she is 90% legally blind. Inspired by Adele, she would love to inspire people the same way and bring joy and happiness to them by her music.

Rachael wants to show everyone that she's capable of doing anything she wants in life. She wants to be known as a singer, not the blind girl who sings and ironically, The Voice blind auditions have given her that opportunity.