Pure Chica can transform a bathroom into every girl’s dream. An Aladdin’s cave of beauty products, luxury fragrances, scented hand wash, lotions and soft towelettes, all presented to your guests by a glamorous hostess.

Guests can help themselves to the treats on offer in the Powder Room re-entering your event feeling refreshed and revitalised. Our range of girlie emergency products caters to every need to surprise and delight your guests!

Pure Powder Room hostesses provide a discreet and personal service to your guests and maintain essential up-keep of your restroom areas to ensure that basins are clean, dry and presentable and hand towels and products are replenished.

Restrooms are decorated with Singapore orchids, or flowers of your choice, and scented with candles to create an inviting Powder Room retreat.

Pure Powder rooms have everything that you couldn’t fit in to your clutch bag, including:

Perfumes & Fragrances | Makeup touch-up products | Hair straighteners (GHD) | Hollywood Tape Emergency Sewing Kit | Safety Pins | Emergency Nail Files | Hair-Spray | Smoothing Serum | Vanity Products | Deodorant | Tweezers | Blotting Papers | Body Shimmer | Refreshing Foot Spray Moxie Feminine Hygiene Products | Scholl Party Feet | Emergency Hosiery Eye-drops | Hair Pins | Band-Aids | Mints