An acrobatic duo of extraordinary skill perform a comic routine suitable for street or stage, that is awe inspiring in its execution.

Winners of the 2002 Street performers World Cup in Japan and particpants in each of the 2003 & 2004 Kleines Fests in Germany, Popeyed will have you seesawing from gasps of amazement to belly aching laughter, for they are Ridiculously confident, Confidently ridiculous,

Masters of Equilibrium.


"You stand under our English, no?...Good....We show, Strretches....Strrength building techniques...we learn back home in Rrrrusia."

PopEyed bring to your festival or event, a distinctly Soviet flavour: distinguished members of the International Acrobatic Display Team, Rudi IvaKoff & Mark Verisilli.

Roving through the crowd and engaging the audience with a stumbling, bumbling stream of broken English, PopEyed perform a seamless collection of acrobatic stunts with a nonchalance reserved for the extraordinarily skilled.