Philip Clark was born and grew up in Tasmania. He received degrees in Arts and Law from Australian National University. Philip has been, variously: a lawyer, a journalist, a Federal Ministerial adviser and a

radio broadcaster. In these roles Philip introduced longstanding favourites such as the Sydney Morning Herald’s Stay in Touch column, the 2BL Evening Quiz and the Andrew Olle memorial lecture.

He was briefly a member of staff at the ANU Law Faculty and an adviser to Senator John Button, then Industry Minister in the Hawke Government. Philip was Senator Button’s press secretary and private

secretary and provided policy advice on a range of industry assistance plans. During this period Philip travelled widely, most memorably to the funeral of Russian President Chernenko in 1986. That year Philip

moved to Sydney to take up private legal practice with a major city law firm.

Philip joined the Sydney Morning Herald in 1988 to write state politics from Macquarie Street. He wrote the original Stay in Touch column, helping to generate its reputation for satire, send-ups of politicians and

general undermining of the status quo. Philip also contributed news and feature articles and opinion pieces for the paper.

His radio career started with guest appearances on broadcaster John Doyle's afternoon show on 2BL 702 which led to filling in for John as host of the program in his absence. From there Philip hosted the

weekend program and then the Evening Show on 702. He had great success with a range of formats including the Radio Quiz which attracted a huge following.

In 1993 Philip became the presenter of the Breakfast Show on 702. There he broke many news stories and asked the question that revealed the celebrated (but now discarded) John Howard retirement plan. In 2001 he moved to 2GB 873, first at breakfast and then in the Drive slot after Alan Jones joined the station.

Since 2002, he has presented the highly successful Philip Clark Drive Program from 4pm-7pm weekdays. The show mixes news, guests and talkback with a good dose of Philip’s unique personality.

Philip has been involved in many major broadcasting events including calling the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Sydney Olympic Games. He was the first broadcaster to broadcast the Breakfast Show

live from the top of the Harbour Bridge – long before the days of the commercial tourist trip up the coat hanger.

In 2000 Philip was also the presenter of a national ABC TV show, Flashback, a quiz program based on the ABC’s massive hoard of film footage. Flashback screened four nights a week, Monday to Thursday at 6pm throughout 2000.

Philip is available for corporate engagements as an MC or keynote speaker and is great at hypotheticals and facilitation. His radio work involves an in depth knowledge on many topics in public affairs and of

public interest including politics, finance, consumer and lifestyle issues and sport. Philip is also a keen golfer, a marathon runner and a passionate Swans supporter.