Orochi (Yamata no Orochi) is an eight headed dragon in Japanese myth. Orochi’s legendary soul came to recent world to the people who has Samurai spirits. The aim of the band is to show the differences between Australian and Japanese cultures. Their style of music is very unique. It has been called Samurai Theatrical Rock which is combined rock with the sound of Japanese traditional music such as Koto, Fue (Japanese flute), Shamisen (Japanese guitar), Taiko drum and other Japanese traditional sounds.

OROCHI was formed in Gold Coast in Oct 2003. They have played in Brisbane and Townsville, and we came down to Melbourne in Dec 2005. The band is now made up four young Japanese guys and one Aussie guy who are wearing Samurai robes and even play swords on stages.

OROCHI has been awarded the grand prises at many big band competitions and had experiences of performing with “Grinspoon” and “Butterfingers” at huge stage environments and festivals (e.g. FALLS FESTIVAL).