Imagine taking just ONE step and you are in the most extreme environment on earth. Turning back is not an option.

You are now in the vicinity of what it feels like to make a freefall parachute jump off a very tall mountain.

Nic Feteris jumps off mountains, and he asks his audiences to do that too.

Like this: picture yourself thousands of feet up, toes hanging over the edge of a sheer vertical drop, ready to jump. You are as focused as you have ever been in your entire life. Now quadruple it. Now, jump.

Whatever you were thinking about one minute ago has vanished. Suddenly all that exists is what you see before you, and a set of actions to make your jump successful and safe.

Now imagine Nic taking his audience on that jump, at your event. Preparing your team for its’ own giant leap forward. Helping them to concentrate on their challenge ahead.

Nic speaks about climbing and jumping off mountains (plus other awe-inspiring pinnacles, like the Statue of Liberty) in terms of the teamwork, planning, and solution selling that makes his adventures achievable. He does it while demonstrating the pioneering spirit, tenacity, and sheer determination that are very often necessary to transform our dreams, visions or ideas into reality.

When Nic made his first pioneering jump from a mountain, El Capitan, at Yosemite National Park in California, he was alone, with no one to lead the way. He had never even heard of 'base-jumping' back then, an adventure sport well established today.

He was pioneering too, when he set the existing world-record for the highest base-jump, by parachuting from another very special and spectacular mountain, the 21,000-foot high Great Trango Tower in Pakistan. This time, however, it was a team effort.

Nic successfully executed his idea to make a documentary, with partner National Geographic Television distributing it to over 80 countries. He sold his film concept to corporate sponsors, who also profited from its success. Most of all, he realised his vision to portray a sport many regarded as only for 'death wish' adrenaline junkies, as an inspiring professional adventure.

The professional skills Nic drew upon to make that and other dreams come true were developed during a former career in media and advertising. He worked in magazine publishing for more than a decade, mostly with media specialising in information technology, in positions ranging from Sales Executive to Publisher.

These days Nic runs Jump Pty Ltd, his marketing and promotions business based in Sydney. As well as being the vehicle that promotes and coordinates Nic’s adventures, Jump is a consultant to strategic and equity partners, such as, adventure-travel operator Wild Holidays, based in India.

Jump is currently working on Nic’s latest adventure project, an expedition to traverse a remote region of West Papua, Indonesia, through uncharted territory (literally), and one of the least-explored places on earth. All to find as-yet-undiscovered mountains to jump from, of course!

Finally, after inspiring his audience to take pioneering steps to the brink of their own precipice of outstanding personal achievement, Nic takes them right over the edge, with breathtaking film footage of his world-record jump. It is an unforgettable visual experience that will even raise the eyebrows of your 'been there, done that' overachievers.

Whether your audience needs to jump into the record books, or step just outside their personal comfort zone, Nic leaves you with a fresh sense of courage and commitment to succeed.


Nic’s presentations take you on an entertaining journey. The challenges he speaks of along the way depend on what his audience needs to achieve. He tells the same entertaining stories in a multitude of different ways.

Working together

Nic has a unique story of partnership and teamwork. He is an experienced parachutist and a pretty ordinary climber. He teams up with a skilled climber who has only jumped once or twice. Together they teach each other their respective adventure skills, so, as a multi disciplinary team, they can climb and base-jump off the highest cliff face in the world.


Nic spent years trying to convince supporters he could promote a world-record seeking professional adventure - safely! Success came when he began to sell his vision. Nic speaks of learning to inspire supporters before he explains how and why his technical expertise will keep him, and their investment, safe. Even as an adventurer, Nic must sell solutions, and present benefits before features, to achieve success.


Everyone on Nic’s team may have bought into the idea of joining the expedition, but are they thinking about climbing the same mountain, or taking the same route to the top? Nic shows how strategy will align a team behind one common, clearly defined goal. Then, how masterful tactics help to get there.

Nic tailors a relevant presentation for each audience or event.

Some examples of presentation titles by Nic include:

- Performance, leadership and change - key attributes for success.

- Making it happen - key principles and an approach for achieving your goal.

- Personal leadership - taking responsibility for your own success and ownership of the processes involved in getting there.

- Extending your boundaries - stepping outside your comfort zone to go where you’ve never been before and, managing the risks along the way.