Natalie Gauci is a singer and songwriter. A star since birth, an impassioned Natalie officially began her road to stardom upon receiving a scholarship undertaking music tuition at The Victorian College of the Arts. Natalie immediately formed her own band and played numerous gigs around town. From the age of 17 she began writing quality songs – many of which have appeared on her solo album. All of this while also working as a music teacher.

In 2005, Natalie began writing and producing her debut EP. Take It or Leave It was then released nationally in 2006. Following an appearance on Triple J Unearthed and appearing on the Billboard World Songwriting Contest top 500 in 2007. Natalie then performed in Los Angeles as part of the "Oz City Song Circle" to wide critical acclaim.

Natalie successfully auditioned for the 2007 series of Idol which was to uplift her career. Natalie went on to win the series and has since released her debut album with Idol/Sony selling over 70,000 copies, reaching Platinum status.

In January 2008 Natalie commenced her sold out Winner's Journey Tour across the width and breadth of the country. She took her musicians from the Natalie Gauci Band, as well as her long time keyboard collaborator and music director.

After the Winners Tour, Natalie was invited to perform at the final night of the Malta Song for Europe 2008 on January 26. In March 2008 she returned to the studio to work on a new album, whilst continuing to play gigs regularly. In June 2008 she went to Los Angeles to continue writing and recording. She has currently formed a new 7 piece band and is performing all new material.

Natalie’s writing and music genre has taken on pop/jazz and hip hop flavours inspired by some of her favourite artists - Gnarls Barkly, Nina Simone, Dina Washington, Kate Bush, Madonna, Michael Jackson and many more.